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How to distinguish the quality of silicone wire?

To identify good or bad wires, this is something that requires us to spend time learning.

Firstly, look at the protective layer:

The outer protective layer of the wire made of silicone rubber is generally braided with PVC material or glass fiber. If the sheath of the wire looks uneven or loose, it means the quality of the protective layer is not good.

Secondly, look at the shielding layer weaving

There are two types of core materials for silicone wires: copper core and tinned copper wire. When purchasing, it is suggested to pay more attention to this aspect. If there is no real copper wire in the tinned copper wire, it means that there is a problem with the quality.

Thirdly, look at the adhesion between the core wire and the insulation layer

Cut the insulation layer of the wire and pull the core wire to the cut place. If it is difficult to pull, it means that the insulation layer and the core wire have strong adhesion and the quality of the wire is relatively good; otherwise, if the core wire is easily to pull out It means that the adhesion between the core wire and the insulation layer is poor, and the quality of the wire will also be affected.